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  • Surah Al-Munafiqoon warns the believers to not neglect Allah due to the blessings of this world and urges them to spend in the way of Allah.
  • Abu Abdillah ... said: "Khums of Allah is for the Imam, Khums of the Prophet is for the Imam, Khums of relatives is for the relatives of the Prophet, i.e. the Imam; and the orphans are the orphans of the family of the Prophet, and the needy are the needy from them, and the travellers are the travellers from them; and nobody else can take their place."
  • Fadak is the name of a piece of farming land around Medina that came under the ownership of the Holy Prophet after the peace treaty with the Jews of that area.
  • ... that the one who established the Hijri Calendar was the Prophet himself